Commitment of Traders Report – An excellent tool for successful trading in the stock market

If you have been buying stocks and have not heard about the Commitment of Traders Report, then it’s probably that you are a new investor. But if you are aware and still don’t give it any thought, then you may be missing out on one of the best market indicators out there. Whether you prefer technical analysis or fundamental analysis, you have to pay attention to this easy to understand report in order to have the opportunity to spot major trades it exposes. This report is always available free and scores very high when predicting trades that will help you rake in a lot of profits from your investment. Some people have doubted the legality of insider trading. In essence, all insider trading that pass through the CFTC is considered legal and includes not only currency reports but commodities, bonds, and stocks as well. There are three groups of participants that benefit from the Commitment of Traders Report:

* The small spectators (made up of the majority of the market forces who intend to make profit out of trading)
* Large spectators (these are the groups that hold large positions with large sums. They are made up of net worth individuals and large fund managers)

* Commercials (these groups are the owners of the commodity or stock they are trading and are always interested to hedge their position in the futures market.

In the stock market, prices are not constant and fluctuate at all times. These price fluctuations are a result of emotions of fear, hope, and greed. These price spike rallies up and then bounce back to its normal position. An investor or trader than can identify the price spikes caused by fear and greed will make a lot of money for himself. And with the information from the Commitment of Traders Report, one can correctly identify when there is temporary price spike and when a heavy movement is about to occur.

To be able to use the COTR effectively, you have to understand the roles of the three players in the market. The commercial traders are the dominant force in the market because they control large conglomerates and have certain inside information that might not be available to other types of investors. Overall, understanding how to use the Commitment of Traders Report will help you spot trends when they are forming. This will ensure that you maximize your profit and prevent the risk of investing in a spiky market.

The COTR is also heavily watched in the commodities market were a lot of futures are traded. It’s really important to watch what the large and small speculators are going if you are doing any gold investing. There are many people who keep their eyes on this report.

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The History, formation, and activities of the US Army

The US Army is the main department of the US forces vested with the responsibility of taking charge of all land-based military operations. It is the oldest as well as largest military establishment of the United States Government. The modern US army can be traced back to 1775, formed to meet the military requirements of the US revolutionary war even before the United States was created. The United States Congress officially formulated the US Army in June 1784 after the Revolutionary War which replaced the abolished Continental Army. The origin of the US army is stilled linked to the date the continental Army was created as it considers itself an offspring of the Continental Army.

The main goal of the US Army is to engage in battles that will defend the nation’s cause against uprising foreign enemies through sustained land dominance with the support of combatant commanders. It is among the three military units in the US Department of Defense. The Chief of staff is regarded as the highest military officer while the secretary of defense is the head of the unit and the other two units in the department of defense. There are about 200,000 US Army Reserve (USAR), about 3508,000 members of the Army National Guard (ARNG), and 546,000 soldiers, a combined total of more than 1,105,000 US soldiers.

The goals of the United States Army are defined as:

* Ensuring peace and security within the borders of the United States and other areas occupied by the nation
* Providing support to the national policies

* Ensuring that the national objectives are implemented

* Defeating any nation whose aggressive operations impede the peaceful living of citizens of the United States
Main Events Of The Us Army From The 19th Century Till Date

* The defense of New Orleans, the last American War against Britain in 1812

* The Mexican-American War of 1846 which the US Army won. The victory of the US Army led to the reclaim of the territory that is now part of New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California.

* The American Civil War, which was the bloodiest civil war in the history of America
* The 1918 attack on France and a German bunker
* The US Army got involved in World War II in 1945, aligning with other forces against German allies
* The Cold War (1947)
* The Vietnam War (1957)
* Operation Urgent Fury in 1983
* The 1989 Operation Just Cause
* The Gulf War (1990)
* Operation Desert Storm (1991)
* The invasion of Afghanistan and the displacement of the Taliban government (2003)

Understanding The Root Cause Of The Somalia War

Though droughts are common occurrences in many parts of Africa, the main factors that have actually turned these droughts into full-fledged farming are political in nature. The State of Somalia has been ravaged by prolonged civil war since its government collapsed in 1991. The main cause of this political unrest is not attributable to one factor alone. There are series of interrelated factors responsible for the civil war in Somalia which has threatened the peaceful living of its citizens for several years.

Top on the list of these reasons is the constant fight for resources. The clan system in Somalia only means that there is fierce competition and private pursuit of the country’s resources. This has become a constant feature among the people of Somalia. Every elite person that finds himself in the government has the notion and believe that he represents the interest of his particular lineage and kinship members. Because of this notion, each political office holder feels responsible primarily to his clan and does not give much attention to the overall national cause. So what was obtainable in the pre-state Somalia era (where everything is competed for) became a main feature of the modern Somalia State era. And this system of clan competition will always bring chaos and civil unrest among the people in the modern state era.

The aftermath of the Cold War left a dent that only steered civil conflicts and chaos. It perpetuated hostilities among Somalia people as the world’s super powers involved them in their strategic positioning. The conflict extended to neighboring countries like Ethiopia while they were always cajoled by foreign patron. Unfortunately, these so called super powers in the Cold War were mainly interested in their own geopolitical concerns before even considering the local interest of their client states.

As Mike Swanson explains in his book The War State, the Cold War was at its climax when Somalia gained their independence in 1960. As such, it was the interest of the USSR and the US to exert their influence on the country. Their activities in Somalia installed Military government in the country, which ultimately resulted to the political unrest witnessed afterwards.

After the cold war, the super powers left a handful of armory that spurred the civil wars even further. Many households had more weapons of war than they had food at the time the international community interfered. So, the main cause of the catastrophic wars in Somalia has been attributed to the clan system of resource competition and the legacy that the Cold War left behind. – Insider Information for All Investors website owned by Newsmax is for investors who want to know their subject thoroughly. is managing to conduct the best first-hand investigation on a worldwide economy market, so that every investor would know the latest market feeds and news, breaking the limits of the common journalism in delivering only top and accurate news about economy. Without a blind fold, investigators and writers are set to deliver relevant news for stock brokers, company and business owners and investors, offering news about money investments in general, business opportunities arising, and even health tips and world news, including everything you need to know in one place. Newsmax is all about delivering independent news about political state in the US, which inevitably affects the entire world, along with economy market. website owned by investors is said to be number one informative site for all American conservatives, showing over 4 million visitors, according to the studies and data report. As influential as it is, Newsmax is leading in GOP political scene, influencing candidacies and independently reporting about political state, even if they choose conservatives over democrats.

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